Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And I thought Cleveland weather was bad

Let me just get one thing straight: Edinburgh is beautiful. It really is. But it is also f***ing cold. And rainy. And glum. At least so far. I had two--no wait, three!--sunny days in a row when I first arrived, as if the city were courting me (or at least trying to get in my pants). But now we are married (or at least sleeping together) and she is showing her true colors. And they are all gray.

I am only complaining because I miss David, who has, after nine months, returned to work in order to pay for his lovely flat and to make sure that he eats. So not only has he left me all alone, but the weather has turned to blech. All weekend it was love and sunshine, and we were flitting about from one social event to the next like we belonged here (which he does, of course), but now I am bereft and shivering.

Still, I will admit that I am happy. On Friday we went to see Ghost Dog at the Filmhouse with some friends, and RZA (I think that's how he writes it maybe?) from Wu-Tang was there, very eloquently (that's a lie) fielding questions. On Saturday I went to my first ceilidh (that's a Scottish country dance). It was the birthday party of one of David's mother's friends, and we came fresh from the pub where we'd met with David's friends, so I was slightly buzzed. Still, I was reluctant to dance in front of people that A) knew what they were doing and B) knew David in diapers, but he made me. And it wasn't so hard. And he was so cute. We only got one dance in before we got to chatting with people though, but perhaps that was for the best. Then on Sunday we went to a pub with some friends to watch (of course) soccer (excuse me, football). There was some yelling, and much (unnecessary) apologizing on David's part. A great weekend, no?

Also, I love his flat. David found it all by himself and it is perfect. Aside from the fact that he gives me mistrustful sidelong glances when I do anything to it (What's wrong with my pillowcases? What do you mean, 'decorate'? Why can't we have a media room?), he's given me free reign, so long as it doesn't look 'gay' when I'm done and he doesn't feel like he's living 'in a girl's house.' Fair enough. I can do that!

So for those of you who haven't figured it out yet, this is my new Blog. My SCOTTISH blog, as yet untitled, officially replacing Isla de Lesbos Latinas. Vaya con Lesbos, Argentina blog. Bienvenidos, Edinburgh blog. Read on, I dare you.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I am 30 years old

But only for five more minutes.

It's been quite a year. I lost my job. I earned my Masters. I lived with lesbians in Buenos Aires. I was beaten up by children in Paraguay. I lost my beloved grandfather. I fell in love. And now I'm following my love to Scotland.

So goodbye, cruel youth. Hello wrinkles and uncontrollable urges to steal other people's children. 31, here I come.