Friday, June 04, 2004

Impending heat wave

Apparently Jerusalem is all set to experience a massive heat wave for the next few days. I actually welcome this, as I still get confused when the days are so hot and the nights are freezing. Plus, there's Luise's balcony to consider. We sat out there all day yesterday and studied Hebrew. It was lovely, minus the studying part. Last night we went to see "The Day After Tomorrow," and I rather enjoyed it. I have a weakness for disaster movies--even though they wreak havoc on my fingernails, as they are usually wittled down to nothin somewhere between the hero getting trapped in the New York library and everything on earth freezing in an instant.

Speaking of fingers, I banged mine up pretty good yesterday. A mug fell on it. My pinky. Boy did that smart. The nail is all black now. It would be neato if it fell off, I think. The nail, not the finger.

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Mom said...

Hope your finger is all better. Why don't you write a daily message? Sure would love to hear more from you. Love, YM