Thursday, December 02, 2004

I am not really here right now

I've mostly been back in Cleveland the past few days since I heard that a friend's stepfather, who I've known for years, passed away.  I've been in this kind of surreal stupor, trying not to think too much about what happened or worry about Sangeeta, trying to concentrate on my work and on my friends here, but I find myself dialing her number quite a bit and she's never home.  I wonder if she would rather people not call for a while, if she would rather be left alone.


margot said...

Hey Becky,

Norman talked to Sangeeta the other day. I also spoke to her briefly because she called our house and I answered the phone. She sounded ok, but really busy making hundreds of phone calls. I felt liek maybe she has so much to do, that she didn't really have time to stop and think. I heard that the funeral is private. She wanted to know if Norman would help Nancy move some furniture. Anyway, that's all I know!

Love you,

kati said...

me, too. how can we help, do you think?