Monday, July 16, 2007

Tel Dor

I had a lovely weekend visiting Bron on her dig site at Tel Dor. Flo, Keleigh and I packed sleeping bags, a tent, and food for Shabbat and headed up there on Friday night. Tel Dor, an ancient port city, sits on a hill overlooking one of the prettiest beaches I've seen in Israel. We spent the day at the beach, and then Bron showed us around the site. Finally we had Shabbat dinner, then slept on the beach.

Woke up early the next day and continued to lounge about and swim on the beach, swimming until we saw a jellyfish and decided it was time to go in. Bron may or may not have been stung, her arm was sore and red but it certainly didn't seem so awful. Besides that, it was a pretty idyllic day, sunbathing, reading, drinking beer and eating around the clock, until we took the train home after havdalah. Life is sweeter here. I'm glad it was so much fun, because at this moment my family is on the first ever family vacation at Hilton Head that does not include me. I am so sad I can barely keep myself from sighing every few minutes. It's a rare, rare thing to have all the Spagnuolos in one place, alone, for a week, with no distractions and time to focus on each other. SIGH! I wish I could be there! But I suppose not everybody gets to spend the summer in Israel, nu?

Here's the girls on the way to the site, with the beach behind them:

The Tel Dor Dig Site:

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