Sunday, May 25, 2008

Roseneath Terrace

So I have finally reached a point where I am happy with our little flat. So happy, in fact, that I feel the need to share it. To that end, I have taken some pictures. And I shall post them here. And you shall look at them. And you shall give me compliments on my style and taste.

The sitting room, complete with boyfriend. (Feel free not to compliment him on his style and taste in shirts.)

The kitchen, where I dream up gourmet meals and serve them, since I have no friends. (Boyfriend doesn't count, I'm afraid, since he lives here.)

There. Now I shall sit back and await your praise.


Luise said...

I love the kitchen and would like to just sit there and get fed with greasy tuna-maccaroni caserol, which you know to cook so well, and simply please each others needs - and that's what friendships are so great for ;-) ! Nice colors! But the carpet in the bed room - a no, no! Tear it off!!!

silentt said...

It is really nice. I light how much sunlight you get. I am not so into decorating so I have no comment on that.

kati said...

that actually looks really cool! i have a spiffy new apartment too but am not cool enough to have a place to upload them to yet. working on it :)

perservere, cutting fingers and veiney legs and scottish becky!!

Phoebe said...

you had to have hired some fancy interior designer, it looks fabulous! i love that stone building from kitchen window. is that the guest house?

p.s. i'm a faithful reader of pithy title here!