Sunday, June 01, 2008

Especially in the month of June

We have big plans for today. Sunday has turned out to be our "get out and do something" day. I submit as evidence photos from last Sunday's adventures, a trip north to see the highland games at Blair Castle. What are the highland games, you might ask? They are nothing less than enormous men in kilts throwing various heavy objects in shows of strength, while vendors hock there wares (mostly burgers) and little girls dance highland jigs on a stage to the side. In other words, they are wonderful. See for yourselves:

Blair Castle Highland Games

Bagpipe music could be heard from all directions, at all times

There was many a kilt to be seen as well

The contenders...

...throwing heavy objects

Squinting in the sun

Highland dancing!

The pipers of Blair Castle

And the imposing castle itself

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Jessica said...

so I'm terribly jealous. We go to see Highland games every year at the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur and the Scottish Festival in Estes Park. I even own a Rocky Mountain Highland Athletics sweatshirt. While these events are fun, they are not nearly authentic (and certainly not at the knees of a castle).