Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm going to be absent from the Internet for the next few days as the hurricane that is my three sisters prepares to touch down for Thanksgiving. It will be great fun as always, but also as always the day before their arrival is a bit rough. This is due to the fact that my parents go into meltdown mode as they try, desperately, to prepare their empty nest to be filled to capacity. Staying this year: Jack and I, with David dividing time between our house and my parents', plus my older sister Anne, my younger sister Sara, her husband Wes, their 18-month-old Brayden, my baby sister Melissa, and Anne's good friend Rebecca. The matter of where to put everybody has been discussed in great detail and with considerable volume. Anne and I were the first to arrive home, and I'm afraid we've already turned on each other.

Still, the fury only lasts a few hours, and before you know it, everyone is here and there is too much joy to allow much room for fights (though we do fit in a few good ones normally). Tomorrow marks the beginning of my favorite time of year (I can hear groans coming at me from all directions. Yes, I love the holidays. LOVE them.) So my posting may be sporadic. For now, let me just wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. And here's a little something I'm thankful for:


krista said...

your holiday reminds me of those holiday movies i'm so enamored with. the "dramedy" if you will.
i love the fact that you and one sister turned on each other immediately. i laughed out loud at that one.
have a great weekend...

Marie-Ève said...

Happy Thanksgiving! (I'm jealous of that holiday btw, it's so foreign to me).

And, no groan. I LOVE the Holidays too. Although actually I love thinking about it, preparing for it, decorating, listening to music and watching movies, etc., much more so than the actual family thing, which is always lackluster and boring.

mrs.notouching said...

Happy happy holidays to you and your family!

casadekaloi said...

In response:

Right now, I'm substituting solid foods and 1 oz of prune juice for one nursing once a day. I'm going to do that for two weeks, and then take away another nursing session. So it'll be solid food twice a day (by solid, I mean the baby food in jars or that we make, at some point we'll switch to actual solid food) for three weeks, and then I plan to substitute another feeding, and have him eating food half the time during the day, and half the time nursing. I'm also going to follow his lead..if he seems ready for more food then he can have it.

I'm not sure that we'll do cow's milk, because he's shown evidence of a sensitivity. I've been reading that you can give babies enriched rice milk, so I'm going to ask about that at his next appointment. Sean and I don't drink cow's milk ourselves, so I'd prefer that Jasper didn't. The whole thing with cow's milk is it has a lot of fat in it, but if you don't do cow's milk, (from what I've read), you can substitute the fat intake from somewhere else. So we're going to try to do that.

So really...I'm not sure. His 9 month appointment is at the beginning of January, and I'm going to talk to his pediatrician about the milk thing. Before then, just the baby food substitution is our game plan.