Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things in the works

I'm still catching my breath, still easily overwhelmed. But I'm better. I'm much, much better.

I am back on Effexor.

Already the clouds are beginning to lift a little bit. I have more energy, and, most importantly, more hope. It's the lack of hope that makes life unbearable, when I feel like things are bad and will always be. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Right now I feel that it will all turn out as it should, and that feeling is like a warm blanket wrapped around me keeping the cold at bay.

I'm trying to organize my life again. It is nearly the end of January and this mediation should have been done ages ago, but here we are. I need to remember what I'm living for, where I'm heading--all those things questions that are so important and yet so easy to ignore.

I've been thinking about this blog, seeing as it has replaced my journal and is thus my main outlet for reflection and remembrance. So what am I writing for? What do I want to get out of it? I feel like I need to answer these questions. I need to write a Philosophy of Blogging. Heavy, I know. But I'm the type of person who needs a bit of structure, a mission statement if you will, lest my neuroses take things over. So I'm taking a few days to figure that out.


Wendy said...

I think the idea of writing a mission statement is genius. I should totally do that. My baby products blog is called "Babies Gotta Have It" and my "baby" is now 2 1/2 and so my blog is having an identity crisis.
As, arguably, am I.
I look forward to hearing about your mission when you embark upon it. Or rather, when you determine where it is you may already have been going and then decide to keep going there or go somewhere else. xoxo

Marie-Ève said...

Good news... Good luck in your soul searching. We'll be there when you figure it out.

Trista said...

So glad to hear things are easing, and getting a bit easier. Hope is an essential thing, I agree. So is peace of mind.
It's tough to define a blog ... I'm really interested in reading your "Philosophy of Blogging," or whatever you come up with. Happy writing.

krista said...

i've always liked the idea of a mission statement in regards to personal stuff. a good way to get where we want to go.
much love to you on your introspection.

Jasmine said...

Good luck with writing a mission statement.

Hope is a very very good thing :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

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