Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Hebrew Midterm

I have to go take my Hebrew midterm in a few minutes. I am certainly not prepared. Mainly because we don't have a specific book that lays out all that we're supposed to know; our teacher writes up her own pages and lesson plans, and this is just too confusing for me. Especially since I make it a point to miss at least one class a week. So, we'll see how it goes.

Pupik is doing very well. He is absolutely adorable, and I miss him when he's with one of his other caretakers. It will be hard to give him up, but I know that I must. He looks so much like Koti it's eerie. I miss Koti, and my parents' threats to get rid of her frighten me! Ah, but they know I would punish them severely if they did. Maybe stay in Israel to get my Phd? Volunteer in Iraq reconstruction? Anything's possible.

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Pop said...

good luck on the midterm, Becca. I set up a separate website under typepad but had some difficulty with the photo albums. Somehow I erased your album entitled "security fence". You will notice an album on your site entitled "Cleveland spring"-a reminder of your roots in the States.

Go to your typepad to find the url for the new site--it's too long for me to list. I can't figure out how to have separate picture albums. The one I uploaded ended up on your site as well.