Monday, May 10, 2004


I've been fighting a certain lethargy of late, which is why I haven't been posting much. A lot is, of course, going on, but it's unbearably hot today all of a sudden, and I keep putting off the long catch-up that I know is necessary. I finally have pictures from Petra, and maybe I'll even put them in an album at some point-- by tomorrow at the latest.

Two holidays this week: last Saturday was Lag B'omer, midway between Pesach and Shavuot, celebrated with huge bonfires visible in every part of the country. I went to the Katz's, who were having a party, and sat in front of the fire, eating far too much, and practicing Hebrew with their many guests. I particularly enjoy talking to children, who find it very odd that they can speak better than I do and that I often don't understand them.

Tomorrow is Student Day, which means I don't have class, and there's a huge party at the University tonight. I shall be in attendance.

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Sara said...

Pupik!!!!! Tell me more about him!! And don't give him away unless you find an incredible home...sorry, I'm a little nutty for cats...Oh, and not that I would want you to be in Israel for so long (nor would I want you to go to Iraq these days), but I have to admit its a good threat to those that might want to throw away my little punkin-bunkin. Okay, sorry for the silly post. I am finding myself nervous because I have never done this before...written something for everyone in the world to read...and therefore I also find myself rambling aimlessly...again, I apologize. SO, I will go now before I embarrass myself further. Love you and take care...