Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Adds and drops

It's Wednesday already. The year has at last begun its crazy spinning, and I am left feeling like suddenly there is no time left for anything. A very different feeling from the past few weeks, but a welcome one.

I have decided at last which classes I am going to take this semester. The official list: Islamic and Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages; Issues in the Rise of the Islamic World; Magic, Science and Religion in the World of Late Antiquity; and the Hebrew Bible in its Near Eastern Historical Context (or something like that); along with Hebrew, Arabic, and hopefully German. Hooray! My cup runneth over.

Tonight a bunch of people are coming over for sushi. Tammy is making it, and she, as usual, has gone all out. I am greatly anticipating the final result of her efforts.

If my language on this blog becomes--shall we say--slightly academic sounding, as in the previous sentence, blame it on the one hundred pages of long-winded scholarly articles I read every day. I am starting to think in that style. I am not amused by this at all.

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kati said...

becca....i don't honestly have anything to say about adds and drops, or even sushi, but it occurred to me today that i hadn't looked for you in a while and thus this is where i find myself. (couldn't bring myself to comment on the hangover entry, you see :). i also looked at jef's blog today for the first time in quite a while. i note that while there are still no definitive answers (to anything, really...someone told me you broke up with him but from your blogs i'm not quite sure what that means in practice...) it satisfies my soul to see that both of you continue to write, and think, and ponder, and reflect, and Live. with a capital L.

i am still existing, and much of that life is reflected online. just in case you're curious. and

that's all...for now.