Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Um...well then


I must admit, it was probably not such a good idea to quit posting after that last one.  I assure you I am much more stable now, and slightly embarrassed that my emotional ravings have been on display and uncapped for so long.

I am very well.  Doped up on the Paxil again, of course, but well nonetheless.  And, as it turns out, the entire class failed that exam, took it again, and failed a second time.  So I don't feel too bad or too crazy.

I come home very, very soon and my heart feels split in two.  I am happy, at the moment I am happy, but a divided heart is a bit of a burden.  I will miss this place much more than I care to dwell on, so much so that I try to calculate when in my life I could possibly live here again...sigh and sigh.

I was in the States a week or so again, however, and I must admit I miss my country a lot a lot.  It was very good to be home, where people understand me.  I am excited about staying there for a while.

I'm sorry that there haven't been many updates lately; my computer at home won't let me on the typepad site, so I have to come to school to write, which is, you know, a hassle and all.

But I will try to be better.


sangeeta said...

why does this never want to accept my URL? grr...
scott and i want to have you come over to eat dinner with us when you get home. we miss you.
write me or call me soon.
i love you.

kati said...

also at some point weeks ago you almost made contact with me...there are things i want to talk to you about, my one-time best friend.

you are a little better emotionally and so am i, but that doesn't mean i still don't want to share the juicy details with you. find me, please.