Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends.

I honestly don't know what stay-at-home mothers did before the Internet. Correction: I don't know what housebound stay-at-home mothers did before the Internet. Because having people remind me that my feelings are normal makes a huge difference to my sanity. Of course I know that many mothers feel trapped and bored and lost at times, but it's still all too easy to beat yourself up about it. Guilt is just something you birth with a baby I suppose. I never struggled with guilt issues before Jack was born, and now they seem to be my constant companion.

Still, this week has been muuuuuuuuch better. Two of my sisters have made the pilgrimage home for the week, and we've all moved back in with my parents for the duration of the visit, so that life is full of people and chaos (and help!) again. Which is just how I like it. Unfortunately, the Eating has resumed as well. The Eating is an unfortunate byproduct of time with my family. We love the Eating. We live for the Eating. We are wonderful at the Eating. Thankfully I am now doing pilates twice a week, if you can believe it (I can barely believe it), so hopefully the damage will be minimal.

An aside: I have thus far written 38,000 words in my "novel," which shall remain in double quotes until I feel I have earned the right to take them off. Let me repeat: 38,000 words, people. Not the 50,000 I was meant to have by Christmas, but it's something and I'm proud.


Annje said...

I had no idea you were writing a "novel" (in quotation marks or otherwise)... cool!

I have no idea what mothers did before the internet either.

I think part of the appeal of blogging is that there is a sense of intimacy (false or real?) that is created by sharing things that in real life relationships seem to take a long time to build up to, if ever. I think despite feeling physically isolated (at home with kids during winter etc.) it seems easier to discover that we ARE normal and get some kind of emotional validation.

Jasmine said...

A doula is someone meant to help women through labor and remind them that what they are going through is normal and that they are capable.
I think we need life doulas.... for real. We need someone to be with us will be chant, "you aren't fucking crazy... this is NORMAL... it'll be alright!"

Trista said...

Yay for "novels" and 38,000 words (and counting)! As my thesis advisor tells me - it doesn't have to be perfect the first time, just get it on paper!

Wendy said...

Write on! Write on! And I am going to join you in the Pilates...right after the Fat Flush which I appear to be starting tomorrow if I actually stick to it. xoxo