Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Week So Far




Marie-Ève said...

Not sure this was the effect you were looking for but this is hilarious! (And what a cutie.)

Annje said...

Here are my kids' suggestions for the rest of the week:

Wednesday--tupperware lids
Friday--books from the bookshelf

At least you got some cute pics before clean-up!

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear bex. My sister in law is practically in her way to being a saint, she's just so wonderful. And happy. She has three kids. And I really used to think that her experience of parenting must be the happy fluffy version, and mine must be the depressed and grumpy version.

But she signed off an email to me thus the other day:
"Oh well, I'm off to pick up assorted pieces of shit for the 24 millionth time today".

It's just so inevitable. (The sprog will now put some stuff away, which is mildly helpful. Not helpful shen she hides such things as door stops in our breezy house, or air con remotes when it's 35 degrees and 99 per cent humidity).

Jessica said...

But he's SO cute! By the way, is that Dura-Flame log in his pack & play a metaphor for how you've been feeling lately? :)

Jasmine said...

It amazes me how much they can get into in such a small amount of time... lordy!

krista said...

ikea bags are the BEST laundry bags.
i say keep him away from the flour and sugar. :-)