Thursday, February 19, 2004

Feels like home

It's so good to be back in Jerusalem. I miss my family already, but I didn't realize how much I would miss Israel. And I missed several events as well. An earthquake that knocked everything off the shelves in my apartment, a bus bomb on the number 19 bus (the only bus I've ridden besides the 23), a feels like I've been gone forever.

I feel like I'm getting things back in order around here, talking to professors, taking tests, writing papers. I had my Hebrew exam the day after I got back, which was worrisome as I hadn't slept much, but I got an A and they've seen fit to pass me onto the next level...and I'm actually hoping they'll let me skip a level. I would be behind again, but everyone loves a challenge.

Last night I went out with Luise and Bernt and Luise's boyfriend, who's visiting from Germany. I didn't eat dinner, so the drinks went to my head faster than I thought they would, and I'm paying for it today. I also have the unsettling feeling that I behaved foolishly, as often accompanies such nights of revelry. Oh well. I was celebrating my return. Tonight I head out to the Hauman, Jerusalem's largest dance club. Should be interesting.

1 comment:

momma said...

Daddy says: "STUDY!! No dancing!"

...and I say, "STUDY!! No drinking!"

You are incredibly missed.