Sunday, February 29, 2004


First day of school today. It was really good to be back; I've been getting bored recently and was ready for the classroom again. They let me skip another Hebrew level--so I am now officially in level gimel. I'm going to try it for a week, and if I can't hack it, I'm supposed to go back to bet. We shall see. The future tense I basically taught myself already, but I'm over two hundred words shy of gimel-level vocabulary. I'm not making any promises.

Today, in the midst of my first gimel Hebrew class, a man came to the door of the classroom and said that everyone had to evacuate the building, as a suspicious package had been found inside. Sure enough, all the international students were making their way outside, and there were police cars lined up in front of the school. After a few minutes, men from the army dressed in green storm trooper get-up, complete with helmets, could be seen making their way inside. After that, there were four explosions, one after the other. I was told that they shot the bag, but as I've never actually heard a gun go off that I'm aware of, I can't be sure what they did. But my building is still standing, so I assume that it didn't blow up, and soon we were all back in class.

Later on in the day, I was heading to the library to work on this paper, the current bane of my existance, and the whole other half of the campus was closed off for security. I had to exit from the back of the campus and walk all the way around it just to get home, let alone to the library, which was completely shut down anyway. Just another normal old day.

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kati said...

hey becca....sounds like your life is interesting, at the very least, right now :) and i love your pictures...put the one of "my city" on my desktop. by the way, i also am falling in love with jef's website. question: are you feeling recently any of the things that he is experiencing? peace about where he is and what he is doing, less and less concern about the state of his life, etc.? i am curious if you are reading what he writes and reacting with nostalgia or eager familiarity. i love you, you know.