Friday, February 27, 2004

School starts tomorrow

The weather is still perfect here--blue skies for miles and miles. Yesterday I had to study, but I couldn't bear to stay inside another day, so Helen and I went to the British War Cemetery, where we sat and studied until the heat forced us back inside. An aside: always strange to go to a war cemetery. This one is for the British soldiers who died in Palestine in the first World War. Private so-and-so, aged twenty-five, sergeant so-and-so, aged nineteen. They were all so young. Just a bit heavy.

So I've developed into a routine: study by day, party by night. Thursday night I went to a party with Tammy, thrown by one of her friends who is leaving soon to study abroad. So I practiced Hebrew, interspersed with bits of English with the inevitable German or two. The hostess, Nino, another artist from Bezalel, had her work all over the walls, and she is extremely talented. She recently had an exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum here in Jerusalem. Every one of Tammy's friends has this amazing talent. It's a bit inspiring, I must say.

Last night, Shabbat dinner at Luise's. Bernt cooked, and it was delicious. We ate out on their terrace overlooking the street. All very romantic, lovely. I met a few more people, another German and their Israeli neighbor. We went out, to the d1, of course, and I was back home by 1:30. Perhaps I am reining it in a bit?

As for tonight, Ksenia and Helen are cooking for me. All these dinners! I'll come home fat...

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Shep Fargotstein said...

I really enjoyed your pictures and your diary. When I was 18 I moved to Switzerland - the French speaking Jura mountain area where no one speaks english. I could relate to your language struggle and acclimating yourself to new customs. I presume from your writing that yoiu are an American college student. I was thinking of suggesting that my 18 year old son consider studing in Israel after his Freshman year at Brandies.

Keep up the website...I can live vicariously through it!


Shep Fargotstein - Memphis, TN