Friday, December 11, 2009

Childcare and such

So I found someone to watch Jack. It was fate, I tell you. The other day I finally realized that I had to do something, had to find just two or three hours a day, a few times a week, in order to preserve my fraying sanity. So I typed "childcare Cleveland" into google and sat back to await my salvation. I have typed those words in many, many times and come up with all sorts of daycares, all too expensive or too scary sounding (I watch you're kids for you. CHEAP!) . But this time a craigslist ad, posted only two days before, popped up. Lilly, a stay-at-home mom of an eleven-month-old boy, looking to supplement her income by taking a few other children into her home. Two blocks away from my home. For $8 an hour. An early childhood education major who wasn't ready to formally go back to work. (And Jewish!) I called her. We met. She's perfect.

So yesterday was the big day. I took Jack over, planning on running errands for two hours. We'd spent about an hour or so there the day before, and he was laughing and playing with her, smiling when I left. So I ran to get some Christmas shopping done, only to have her call me an hour later. Apparently Jack had started crying right after I left, and hadn't stopped. She had tried everything, but he was inconsolable. She worried he had an upset tummy. But, lo and behold, as soon as I walked in the door, he was fine.

I honestly thought it was too early for separation anxiety. And I've left him before, but always with family members he knows really well. I should have had a bit more respect for him I suppose, as a developing personality and an intelligent baby. He's just so mellow, so happy to be passed from stranger to stranger (so long as he can see me I now realize) that it never occurred to me there would be a problem. Although I must admit it is a thrill to know just how important I am to him, considering he doesn't show much preference for me above other people normally. But still. I stayed for an hour, letting Lilly hold him, and then snuck out again for a half hour, and he was asleep when I got back. Today we'll take it slow again. Here's hoping.


mrs.notouching said...

I have a babysitter who come in for a couple of hours just to play with Leila while I do some work at home. They play very well together but every now and then Leila looks around, finds me, babels something and back to playing. If I go to another room she will immediately follow. Doesn't need to be in my lap, but I need to be visible. I am pretty sure that soon he will be asking you to take him there :-) Good luck!

krista said...

i'm sure it will get easier as he adjusts to her and realizes how much fun it is to play with the other babies. i taught preschool for almost two years and the adjustment can be hard but once they get familiar with their environment, it's usually all good. a few hours for yourself now and then will make you a better individual and woman which in turn translates into being a better mother. but you probably know this already.
OH! and maui! yes! i lived in kihei for six years? did i tell you that already? i think i might have. whew. too much coffee. the baby is napping. i should do something productive...cure cancer or build a house or something. instead i'm eating chocolate cake and reading blogs. hmmm.