Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Palestinian Film Festival

Yesterday evening, after school, I went to East Jerusalem to meet Luise, Shadi, and Fadi at the Palestinian Film Festival being held at the YWCA there from February 26-March 2. Shadi had acted in a short film, and it was playing along with several other short films.

Shadi's film was excellent--twenty minutes long, about a group of Palestinian film-makers trying to cross the border from the West Bank into Jerusalem. Shadi played an Israeli soldier, much to the chagrin of his family. All of the other films were pretty depressing, without relief--but Shadi's took a difficult and depressing situation and, pretty accurately I'm told, managed to find as much humor as frustration. It was definitely an interesting experience. Afterward we walked to a sandwich shop and ate outside, and I was altogether content and happy.

In other news, my electricity got turned off today. Apparently the bill never got paid. So I was in the dark for a few hours until we paid it and they turned it back on. I have a hard time with the bills, since I can't read all that technical Hebrew. Tammy has a hard time with them because she's in and out of town all the time. Together, we are somewhat incompetent in that area. We also have no phone at the moment. All such good fun.

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